6 years of little mix!

Today I woke up and scrolled through my twitter feed, I’ve only just restated my twitter account so this is new for me.

I also went on a follow spree as new people popped up on twitters recommended section. I’m not sure how these things are worked out, but one of my suggestions was Little Mix. I instantly followed, because, lets be real what 20 something doesn’t start singing into a mirror when ‘hair’ plays and are you really human if you don’t sing a long aggressively to ‘shout out to my ex.’

The timing of this was convenient for me, as writing about this has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while but felt it would seem out of the blue. Then boom, little mix are celebrating six years!

So, let’s get to it!

I was introduced to the music video for ‘touch’ by a twelve year old. She presented it in front of me claiming it was her favourite song and she loved the video. To be honest, I instantly panicked, a 12 year old girl is watching a band wearing those clothes and doing those dance moves.

It became my talking point with colleagues and friends and I did some googling to see what other people thought. I was met by a mix of praise, but mostly I was hit with criticism and slut shaming. Here are five thoughts that I came to and continue to come to, not just with little mix but with the majority of female artists.

Why are we teaching our girls this is wrong.

Why shouldn’t girls wear what they want to wear? I would rather see artists confident in there bodies and open about there insecurities. Isn’t this the message we want to send. You do you, that’s your choice, be confident and proud of your body.

Why are we judging these woman as sexual objects.

Surely we shouldn’t be judging woman by what they wear, or what they don’t wear. Woman are not purely sexual objects. Maybe we should spend less time judging the girls who dress like this and more time teaching boys that it doesn’t matter what a girl wears, they deserve respect and to be appreciated for who they are, not what size clothes they are. When we are presented with a music video, why are there more comments on outfits than music. Let’s not forget, Little Mix can sing, shall we talk about that instead?

Double standards anyone?

Why is this not ok? Let’s get honest with ourselves, if a boy band shoot a music video wearing only shorts, are we angry or are we swooning?

We should teach our children.

I don’t have children, but I do have young siblings. Like many people, I don’t want them to go out dressed in this clothing until they understand more about what they face. It’s my job and it’s parents job to make this call and teach them about the world. We can’t expect a band to do this. Isn’t it sad that when we dress our children, siblings, nieces, we have to think about how they will look to men and boys once they step out of the door?

Clothing doesn’t define us.

Let’s not call Little Mix bad role models. Let’s not call them anything till we know there political and moral views. Let’s not call them anything till we appreciate the difference between the way they dress and what they stand for, isn’t that more important. Let’s say that’s impossible? What do we see when we see Little Mix’s outfits? Confidence, exploration of sexuality, being unashamed of who they are, and following there dreams. In that case, bring it on, because I would love more people to have that attitude.

Finally, the only issue I would have would be if Little Mix were forced to wear what they do. If they had no say and that I can’t comment on.

So, in conclusion …

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